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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Season 2 - Day 0

Well hi!

It's that time of year, I suppose. The last day of July... Time to start training for football season. Time to get serious about experimenting with the idea of whether or not I could make it to a professional football team.

But I've got a surprise for you! I've already started! Or rather, should I say... I never stopped!

After hearing back from the Force and the Storm last year, I felt encouraged. I felt like I had proven to myself that, with training and determination, I was able to show two professional teams that I was at least a contender for a spot - and maybe, if I hadn't stopped playing for 12 years, I could have gone on to do some pretty cool stuff in the sport.

So, instead of just shrugging it off and moving on with life, I decided to step it up a bit.

I hired a trainer - Roy Carr, a trainer to professional athletes, specializing in football conditioning. Roy moved to my area of town around January and began operating out of my gym, after retiring from the NFL as a fitness and technique coach. We got to talking, and he agreed to take me on.

In the course of my training, I've had the honor to work with several former NFL linemen who work out at my gym (I'll name names later, if they allow me to). I've dedicated myself to a rigorous weights and fitness program, incorporating cross training, power lifting, technique and speed drills, and - funny enough - not much cardio training. Apparently, cardio starts in earnest about 6 weeks before you begin training camp, which is about... Oh, right now.

Some of you who read this thing might have seen the pictures I posted in my checking in post. But to add some statistics to the pics:

October 27th, 2007July 31, 2008

Weight: 305lbs
Body fat: 29%
Shoulders: 52"
Chest: 44"
Thigh: 19"
Calf: 16"
Bicep: 16"
Waist: 52" (size 46 pants)

Weight: 312lbs
Body fat: 21%
Shoulders: 60"
Chest: 54"
Thigh: 25"
Calf: 18.5"
Bicep: 19"
Waist: 44" (size 40 pants)
As you can see, all the muscley parts have gotten bigger, while the fat around my gut has diminished.

The amount of weight I can lift now is far beyond anything I've achieved in my life thus far. I now lift more on every single exercise than I did at the younger peak of my training by about 33% (I hate naming numbers, because it sounds so dickish... Just watch my workout logs when I post them if you're that curious).

I am taking this year VERY seriously.

Starting August 1st (tomorrow), I'm onto 2-a-day workouts. I will be lifting weights for an hour (and some minutes) for the first workout, then doing football-related drills and exercises at the 2nd workout. I'll be drilling offensive lineman techniques almost exclusively (instead of doing general football drills like I did last year).

I am going to go out on a limb here. Last year, I was curious as to whether or not I could make the team, viewing this whole thing as an experiment. This year... It's a mission. I am GOING to make a team. Even if it's not a pro team, I'll play for AF2 or AIFL (I was invited to try out for a number of AF2 and AIFL teams last year after the AFL tryouts, but couldn't afford to play football for little / no money... This year, I've put money away specificaly for that reason).

I am GOING to play football for a pro team this year.

I hope.